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Dimmable, dual-color LED and micro LED lights. Large choice of various accessories such as softboxes, grids, stands and external batteries.


12″ LED ring light for photo and video shooting set

 20,00  24,40 vat incl.

18″ LED ring light for indoor and outdoor photography

 65,00  79,30 vat incl.

6″ LED ring light for small photo and video sets

 9,60  11,71 vat incl.

Barndoors for E-1040 and E-1060 LED light

 20,00  24,40 vat incl.

Barndoors for E-520 LED light

 34,00  41,48 vat incl.

Bi-color SMD studio panel LED light SWIT CL-120D with dimmer...

 499,00  608,78 vat incl.

Bi-color SMD studio panel LED light with dimmer and diffuser

 1.015,00  1.238,30 vat incl.

Bundle kit panel LED light SWIT CL-120D + Kupo 121 stand + V...

 748,00  912,56 vat incl.

Bundle kit SWIT S-2610 flexible LED light + Kupo 080AC stand...

 615,00  750,30 vat incl.

Compact LED light Second Wave NanoLight bi-color with dimmer...

 42,50  51,85 vat incl.

DMG Lumière Dash LED light

 266,00  324,52 vat incl.

E-260 LED light for small photo sets or video

 122,00  148,84 vat incl.