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The cheese plates are the accessory that completes the small grip of a videomaker. These plates are multifunctional and can be used to attach various accessories such as batteries, rods, follow focus or monitors to the camera. The advantage lies in the numerous presence of various holes with different threads that allow maximum customization.


Angled cheese plate with camera bracket for cranes

 148,52  181,19 vat incl.

Cheese plate 1598 for DSLR cages and dovetails

Original price was: € 8,90.Current price is: € 6,90.  8,42 vat incl.

Cheese plate 1681 for BM Ursa, ARRI, handles and dovetails

 24,00  29,28 vat incl.

Cheese plate a L Kupo KS-3139L media con fori 3/8″

 132,95  162,20 vat incl.

Cheese plate Kupo KS-2439CS for in-car camera mounting

 216,22  263,79 vat incl.

Cheese plate Kupo KS-682 Hi-hat with Mitchell 12 “x12&...

 242,56  295,92 vat incl.

Kupo KS-0406 hexagonal cheese plate for light fittings and v...

 76,44  93,26 vat incl.

Kupo KS-1212M square cheese plate with Mitchell base attachm...

 148,52  181,19 vat incl.

Kupo KS-688 cheese plate with 100mm Hi-hat

 264,60  322,81 vat incl.

Kupo KS-7510 rectangular cheese plate 7.5″ x 10″

 74,95  91,44 vat incl.

Kupo KSC-280K car mount kit for cameras with cheese plate

 945,00  1.152,90 vat incl.

L-shaped cheese plate Kupo KS-0606L with 3/8″ holes

Original price was: € 155,95.Current price is: € 125,95.  153,66 vat incl.