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The articulating arms are the small-medium grip that is mainly used in video or photographic sets. They mount small monitors, small lights or other video accessories.


Articulating arm EI-A50K + Super clamp EI-A05 with hotshoe

Original price was: € 49,00.Current price is: € 39,00.  47,58 vat incl.

Articulating arm Kupo KS-019 with 5/8″ receiver and he...

 32,95  40,20 vat incl.

E-image EI-A01 15cm arm with hotshoe connection

 16,00  19,52 vat incl.

E-image EI-A02 25cm arm with hot shoe for small monitors

 18,00  21,96 vat incl.

E-Image EI-A46 Arm with monitor mount

 38,00  46,36 vat incl.

E-Image EI-A47 Arm with monitor mount

 41,00  50,02 vat incl.

E-image EI-A51 Arm with hotshoe mount and clamp for on-camer...

 41,00  50,02 vat incl.

E-image EI-A51P Arm with a wheel 1/4″ for monitor, LED...

 38,00  46,36 vat incl.

E-image EI-A53K mini arm with EI-A05S clamp kit

 25,00  30,50 vat incl.

E-image EI-A53P arm with a dual 1/4″ mount

 14,00  17,08 vat incl.

E-image EI-A73 Multi-Articulating Arm 25 cm

 38,00  46,36 vat incl.

E-image EI-A74 Multi-functional Joint with 1/4″ Screws...

 38,00  46,36 vat incl.