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Kupo is Asia’s leading manufacturer of lightweight supports and grip accessories. It has developed and patented many innovative products, including folding C-Stands with turtle base, self-locking supports, 3-way and 4-way clamps. All Kupo products are designed and manufactured according to strict quality standards. The products adhere to international safety standards and carry certifications such as TUV-GS, CE, UL and CUL. Among Kupo’s most popular products are Convi clamps, safety cables and Wind-up holders.


1 m steel tube Kupo KS-245 for rig

 23,95  29,22 vat incl.

1 riser 2 sections Followspot stand Kupo 470

 192,55  234,91 vat incl.

1,5 m Kupole extension Kupo KP-X15P

 36,95  45,08 vat incl.

1/4″ D-ring screws Kupo KS-061 for plates (5-pcs kit)

 14,00  17,08 vat incl.

1/4″-20 wingnut Kupo KS-290

 6,62  8,08 vat incl.

150mm extension Kupo KS-009 for Convi Clamp

 8,95  10,92 vat incl.

161MB KUPO soft stand bag

 59,95  73,14 vat incl.

185M Kupo Baby stand with 2 risers and 3 sections

 140,64  171,58 vat incl.

2 hooks kit Kupo KP-KS01 for paper backgrounds

 16,13  19,68 vat incl.

2 m Kupole extension Kupo KP-X20P

 47,95  58,50 vat incl.

2 risers and 3 sections Kupo CT-20M Master C-stand – S...

 151,41  184,72 vat incl.

2 risers and 3 sections Kupo CT-20MB Master C-stand – ...

 151,41  184,72 vat incl.