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Many models of batteries V-lock with different voltage and amperage suitable for outdoor productions and for Cine and ENG cameras. The dual voltage 14V-28V of some batteries and the use of the double V-lock plates allows to give enough power to LED lights such as ARRI Skypanel (s30-s60-s120) to work at 100%. The lightweight V-locks are suitable for remote controllers, followfocus and on-board monitors. Using the various D-tap and LEMO cables you can power also a non V-lock cameras as Blackmagic Pocket Cinema. With all various V-lock chargers the battery section is completed.


190Wh V-Mount BrowdyTech battery compatible with ENG and Cin...

 159,00  193,98 vat incl.

2-ch V-mount charger   

 209,00  254,98 vat incl.

260 Wh High load dual-voltage battery

 539,00  657,58 vat incl.

95Wh V-Mount BrowdyTech battery compatible with ENG and Cine...

 85,00  103,70 vat incl.

98 Wh V-mount pocket battery pack

 229,00  279,38 vat incl.

98Wh Multi-sockets Square Digital Battery Pack

 189,00  230,58 vat incl.

Battery VB50 mini V-Mount SmallRig 3579

 165,00  201,30 vat incl.

Battery VB99 mini V-Mount 3580 SmallRig

 195,00  237,90 vat incl.

BP-2CH V mount Battery Dual Charger for BP-95W BP-150WS BP-1...

 88,00  107,36 vat incl.

Bundle kit panel LED light SWIT CL-120D + Kupo 121 stand + V...

 748,00  912,56 vat incl.

Bundle kit SWIT S-2610 flexible LED light + Kupo 080AC stand...

 615,00  750,30 vat incl.

Compact V-lock 45Wh battery pack SWIT PB-M45S for stabilizer...

 137,00  167,14 vat incl.