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  • HPRC2745WSSKBLB-HPRC-Valigia in resina HPRC 2745W con ruote per il trasporto di attrezzatura audio video foto

Resin case HPRC 2745W wheeled for transportation of audio/video/photo equipment

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HPRC 2745W resin case with wheels, watertight and indestructible with customizable interior for transporting audio/video/photo equipment.


The HPRC 2745W is a lightweight, watertight, indestructible resin case with a customizable interior with wheels.
It features an ergonomic Lizard Patt handle made of PP and SEBS, which offers an excellent level of comfort, optimal handling, scratch protection, and a secure grip, even at low temperatures and in the presence of water or humidity. It has an automatic valve that automatically adjusts the air pressure inside.

Furthermore, thanks to the extremely robust closing hooks, the opening/closing system guarantees the integrity of the suitcase in the event of a fall. The side corners are reinforced so as to make them extremely impact-resistant.
The model is made from a special compound based on polypropylene, fiberglass, and rubber which guarantees maximum protection with minimum weight.
An HPRC suitcase used in extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) does not lose its distinctive characteristics. In fact, the guaranteed temperature range is – 40 C ° up to + 80 C °.
All HPRC Cases are waterproof, resistant to dust, humidity, acids, and sand. They resist falls and impacts. The entire production line of the HPRC cases is ISO9001 certified, confirming a particular attention and interest in maintaining a product at the highest levels.

Weight (empty) 7,05 kg
Internal dimensions 77,1 x 40,1 x 24,7 cm
External dimensions 82,2 x 45,2 x 29,4 cm
Compatibility Reflex, Camcorders, Lenses, Monitor, Video wireless system, Microphones, A/V accessories
Color Black, Blue bassano
Material Light Resin