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E-image HB20 Horizon Double handle for stabiliser

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Product Code / EAN: 6948229867261 SKU HB20 Category

The E-image HB20 Horizon Double handle for stabiliser, constructed out of heavy-duty aluminum, is specifically designed to make gimbal operation easier.

The E-image HB20 Horizon Double handle for stabiliser has an aluminium structure specifically designed to make operation with the single-handed stabiliser much easier. After mounting the E-image HB20 Double handle, the two handles allow you to control the movement of the stabiliser with your upper body instead of just your wrist. The weight HB20 Horizon Double handle shift greatly increases stability and reduces arm fatigue. Depending on your preference, you can use the Horizon HB20 in either a normal or upside-down position. The built-in mini tripod makes it easy to calibrate the HB20 and provides a solid base for positioning it when not in use.
Weight 907 g
Load capacity 4,9 kg
Dimensions 30,5 x 25,4 x 10,1 cm
Range 12 cm – 48,2 cm
Color Black
Material Aluminum