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  • BG4506_Kupo_heavy-duty-ball-bungees
  • BG4506_Kupo_heavy-duty-ball-bungees

Heavy duty ball bungees by KUPO for cables and tubes

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Product Code / EAN: 6954016522145 SKU BG4506 Category

Heavy duty ball bungees by Kupo for fixing fabric to frame, cables, supports, hoses and tying tarpaulins and curtains etc.


These heavy duty ball bungees are equipped with 4,5 mm diameter rubber bands and an attached 28 mm diameter black plastic ball.

The set includes 50 ball bungees. Easy to use, quick to install. Simply insert the elastic loop through a grommet until the plastic ball is flush, then attach the loop to a fixed point to secure a tarp. Great for attaching fabric to butterfly frame, cables, stands, hoses, and tying tarps and curtains, etc.

Color Black
Material Plastic